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Overbrook Gardens - Boat Ramp

  - Update Boat Ramp Completed

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  - Update July 2020

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The Overbrook Gardens boat ramp is located on San Remo Point Dr., just south of the Greenlawn intersection, on the east side of the road.  It may used 24/7 but is restricted to Association members only.  There is ample parking in the lot next to the ramp.   The ramp is short and San Remo Point Drive is narrow so turning and backing is difficult with a long rig.  It is best used by boats under 18' so that you don't drive on the private property across the street from the ramp.  Please respect this requirement to avoid invading private property.  Also there is a power line over the ramp which limits launching a sailboat with the mast up.  Be sure to check this if you want to launch a sailboat.  This ramp gives every member a much easier and closer choice to launch their boats, virtually making every member home a waterfront property.  It also has a well constructed dock, which was replaced in late 2005. 

Once in the water you go directly into Forked Creek which takes you to several feeder channels or in about 15 minutes you are on the ICW at Marker 38 in Lemon Bay.  Remember that no-wake restrictions exist for all waters outside of the ICW in the Lemon Bay area.  A no wake zone has also been recently incorporated in the ICW for about � mile on both sides of the Forked Creek intersection.   This is clearly marked by signs on both sides of the Forked Creek entrance but is typically unseen (or ignored) by fast moving boats in the ICW.  So caution is still needed when departing Forked Creek.

A special recycle bin has been installed on the dock to allow fishermen to dispose of (only) used monofilament line.  It will be recycled for further use and not become a hazard to wildlife.  Please use this when you need to dispose of tangled or damaged fishing line.  Note too that poles and a guide rope have been installed at the south end of the area to encourage cars without trailers to park there.  This will leave more room to maneuver and park vehicles with trailers in the area immediately adjacent to the ramp.

The Overbrook Gardens boat ramp is available to all currently paid members of the Association.  Because of concerns of security and liability the Association initiated the use of a locked cable across the ramp in 2000.  The lock is changed every year on February 1st.  Contact Debbie Alberini to get a key to the lock and instructions in its use.  Click here if you are a property owner in Overbrook Gardens and want join or renew your Association membership. 

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